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Q. Why should I choose holistic veterinary medicine for my animal instead of / or in addition to traditional veterinary medicine?

A. I have practiced both methods so I have a unique perspective. In 1960 I graduated from the School of Veterinary Medicine at UC Davis and practiced traditional veterinary medicine for 16 years. Gradually I became frustrated at the limitations of these methods and went abroad to Europe and South America to study healing methods practiced by holistic medical doctors. I incorporated these methods of natural healing in my own practice and found I could do so much more for my sick and painful patients. Since 1975, my practice has been my most rewarding and fulfilling. Why? It has to do with the philosophy, cause and effect of the two different methods of diagnosis and treatment of the patient (man or animal):

Traditional Medicine departmentalizes the patient into a whole of parts: a physical set of organs, muscles, joints, and tissue systems and treats each isolated part accordingly.

Traditional Medicine looks at symptoms exhibited by the patient, assigns a name of a disease or syndrome to them and treats the patient with surgery, drugs, chemicals or radiation. Traditional Medicine views the patient as it's physical- self alone.

Holistic Medicine treats each part of the patient as a "whole" (hence "wholistic" or "holistic" medicine), not only in the physical sense but as each part of the body being interrelated to each other, energetically. 3000 years of oriental medicine has proven there is a Life Force energy (Chi) that flows like the arborization of a tree throughout the entire body, touching every cell of every organ of every system in the body. It is only now, in this age of advanced technological devices that we can photograph and electronically measure this energy.

This interdependency of all to all is like a spider web; pluck the strand of the outermost part of the web and the vibration is sent over every strand of the entire web until it reaches the heart or center. Health is maintained by a balance of two opposing energy flows, Yin and Yang, which make up this Life Force. Each cell of each organ of each system has both Yin and Yang energy flows. Any imbalance, either deficiency or excess of these energies produce aberrations that filter down into the physical body and produce what we see as "symptoms". Any "cure" in the patient as seen by the doctor as a relief of these symptoms, MUST occur in the balancing of this excess or deficiency of these two opposing energy flows.

Cure CANNOT be achieved in the physical body alone. Cure cannot be achieved by focusing on symptoms but on CAUSE, the true nature of symptoms exhibited. It is as if there is a dirty spot on a lens of a slide projector that is projecting an image on a screen. The traditional doctor works away on scrubbing the spot off the screen, while the holistic doctor cleans the lens, the cause of the spot on the screen.

Traditional therapies of chemicals, surgery and radiation by their very nature are toxic, focal- acting agents. Many times this produces a destructive affect in the body. Drugs, surgery and radiation are traumatic and foreign to the body. Holistic medicine chooses natural therapies of proper nutrition, homeopathy, Bach Flowers, herbs, acupuncture, massage, crystals, color, chiropractic and electromagnetic field therapies that are all natural elements of this earth, and methods familiar to the metabolism and physiology of the patient. They are energy fields that impact the Life Force in a beneficial, nontoxic manner. Holistic medicine benefits Body, Mind (Emotional) and Spirit and recognizes these are also interdependent in maintaining health. Traditional medicine mainly concentrates on the body.

Q. Can holistic therapies help any specie of animal?

A. Yes of course. All animals, birds, rodents, reptiles, amphibians-all living creatures have a Life Force, even plants. They all respond to energy medicine. Colors, music, (Mozart especially), homeopathy, the healing energy of quartz crystals, and acupuncture. Yes, plants have acupuncture meridians too! Let me tell you another true story.
I have a wonderful colleague who is a master equine acupuncturist. One day his little 7year old daughter brought him her cactus plant that had "died". It had lain over in its pot in a 90-degree angle about 3 inches above the roots. Tearfully she looked at her daddy and asked, " you can acupuncture horses and they get well, why can't you do acupuncture on my cactus and make him well?" Without a moment's hesitation, he went to his medical bag, took out an acupuncture needle and inserted it at the junction of the bend in the plant.

I saw that cactus a year later when I was a guest in my friend's home after we both had attended a weekend seminar of the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society Congress (which my friend had founded). That darned cactus had sent up a new vertical 6- inch shoot from the 90-degree bend (from where the acupuncture needle was still imbedded) in its stem! And its vitality was very strong, thank you.

Q. Should one ever consider traditional methods of medicine?

A. Of course, but only in specific areas. When one is anemic, one has to have a blood transfusion to support the body until it is capable of rallying on its own. In cases of traumatic emergencies, broken bones have to be pinned, drugs like steroids have to be used to prevent brain edema, oxygen and I.V. supportive solutions and medications are necessary to sustain life. In rapidly ensuing bacterial/viral epidemics sometimes the patient is so weak, drugs, antibiotics and steroids have to be given to buy time for the patient to survive; although in my own practice I prefer to use homeopathic remedies (nosodes) made from the specific bacteria and virus infecting the patient. It is safer, the energetic patterns of infecting agents are identical to the treatment and results are better. Then, I find out WHY THE PATIENT GOT SICK IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Viruses, bacteria, fungi and cancer cells are all parasites. They only invade a patient whose Life force is weak. I work on getting the Life Force strong enough to ward off all parasites. It is in the arena of chronic degenerative diseases and Cancer, which are a reflection generally, of an already toxic, imbalanced Chi, and overwhelmed Body, Mind and Spirit that I cannot condone further use of chemicals, surgery and radiation. I will tell you a little story about two Irish Setters that I truly believe was Divinely Directed as a teaching lesson.

Within a span of two weeks I was presented with two male Irish Setters owned by two different families. Both dogs were approximately the same age: one was 6 years old, the other about 7. Both dogs had bone cancer (osteosarcoma), in the same identical location of the body: the right humerus (upper front leg bone below the shoulder joint). The probability of this happening boggles the mind. First, I lived in an area that had very few to no Irish Setters at all, mostly seen were poodles, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, dachsies, and mixed breeds, but to have two dogs with the identical cancer in the identical leg was next to unheard of.

The seven year-old dog had been to a University Veterinary Teaching School where he had had a series of x-ray radiation treatments, and been put on a chemo toxic drug to try to kill the cancer cells. When this dog came in I felt such pain coming from him I could hardly stand it; the entire frontal area of the right side of his body extending from head to foot had radiation burns where no hair grew back, his eyes were barely open, and his physical strength was so low, his owner had to carry him in.

The other dog limped into my office with his owner. The owner had brought the animal in for a second opinion after receiving the recommendations of radiation and chemotherapy from a traditional veterinarian.

The owner wanted to know if any holistic treatment might help or save his dog. He had known people who had undergone traditional therapies for their own cancer, and knew of the devastating side effects of the treatment that in many cases made them sicker than the disease and sadly, perished anyway. I looked at the dog; except for the limp, and some dryness to his coat, there was very little one could see different from any other "normal" dog. He was alert, curious about the environment of my exam room, friendly, and all vital signs of pulse, heart rate, auscultation of the lungs and body temperature normal; yet there was the awful truth in his x-ray films taken of the affected leg.

I asked the owner to sit down and tell me about the dog's home life. "Funny, you should ask that", he said, "from the very first day I brought him home as a puppy, my wife has resented the attention and time I spend with him." The couple was childless. I asked him who prepared the dog's food? "My wife" he answered. Now let me tell you something. Thoughts and emotions are very real energy fields. They can harm or they can support those around them. The worst stomachache I ever had in my life was from a pizza that had been prepared by an employee being chewed out by his boss. It was like a lead ball in my stomach! Can you imagine 6 years of hateful "emotional bayonets" being thrust at this poor dog through his food, which is supposed to be nurturing? He had endured this destructive energy to his Body, Mind, and Spirit for so many years, no wonder he had cancer. Traditional medicine portrays the cancer victim as one who generally feels, hopeless and helpless.

I told the owner I could not do anything for this dog unless I had his wife's support. The end of this story was both sad and happy: the dog that had received the traditional treatment for cancer was euthanized despite me working my tail off. I tried everything I knew, including several therapies practiced in Germany for cancer victims (people) such as hemoglobin oxidation therapy, ozone, and pulsating electromagnetic field therapies. None of my detoxification methods were successful: EAV, homeopathic nosodes made from the drugs given him, herbs, nor baking soda and salt baths to try to remove the radiation energy devastating his being. He had no vital Chi left. Mercifully we were able to end his pain.

The other dog responded so well to his treatments with me that he was able to go swimming with his master within 3 months of therapy. The wife felt so badly when I explained her possible role in the disease, that now she spoils the dog terribly. What lessons can we learn from the two Irish Setters? Certainly the results in the two different approaches to cancer, or to any chronic degenerative disease, shows us that the natural, non-toxic, gentle way of holistic medicine seems to favor the body's own healing mechanism and follows the Oath of Hippocrates that all veterinarians and doctors take: "to help the sick and the painful but ABOVE ALL to do no harm to my patient." The second lesson learned, is how powerful, the emotions we feel can affect our health, both in man and animal. We should think twice and take 10 deep breaths next time we want to lash out at someone, and ALWAYS prepare our family and family pet's food with loving energy for we all will reap the reward.

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