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Please carefully follow the instructions below and complete the form at the bottom of this page. When you "submit" the form, it will be emailed to us so we can match it to your halter order(s) as well as ensure the right size has been ordered.


First, you need two people, one to hold your animal, and another to take your 4 measurements with animal standing square on level ground. You will be building the halter with 4 pieces of string. Then you will measure all 4 strings with a cloth measuring tape in inches. Take measurements A, B, C and D (see diagrams). It is imperative you be accurate as we cannot refund custom made Healing Halters.


Take this measurement first: it is around your animal’s chest midway from behind the front legs to last rib. Make this measurement with the first string, pulled snug and tie in place, but allow the depth of two finger-widths between string and animal’s skin. (We allow some “wiggle” room with an extra 1-2 inches in the Velcro/ buckle attachment of B.)  This is  “B” measurement.


At the string on the left side of “B”  (at the "x" mark in the cat and dog diagrams) take a second piece of string string and go around the front of the chest, above the shoulder joint to the opposite side and connect with the string marking “B” on the right side). This is the length of  “A” measurement.


Take a third piece of string, going over the shoulders  to join the “A“ string, from right to left side of the body. It is in line with the posterior edge of your animals’s front leg. This “D” string is to be tied to right and left sides of “A” string. This is the "D" measurement.


“C” is the 4th string, along the length of the top line of your animal, from where the neck joins the body (torso) back to “B”. It connects “B” string to  “D” string. This is the "C" measurement.

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