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I'm jumping for joy now because I feel sooooooooo good!

That's me the brindle boxer jumping over my buddy " Brindy", - the fawn colored boxer. My name is "Nina" and I didn't always feel this good. Last year, about July 1999, I began drinking a lot of water, and "peeing" a lot. Then I began vomiting and the insides of my belly hurt real bad. Daddy Noel took me to the vet who took my blood for some tests.

He said the blood tests showed I had a sick liver and kidneys- "nephritis" and "hepatitis." He said there was a lot of "bad stuff" in my blood that my kidneys couldn't get rid of through my urine, and that this "stuff" was going to all my organs and poisoning me- "uremia" he called it. He said I might die. He gave Daddy Noel a lot of antibiotics to give to me but it only made me throw up more. I didn't like that special low protein diet stuff he sent home either. Not even my favorite treats would stay down. "Brindy" tried to cheer me up but I didn't care.

Daddy Noel was real worried, he knew the medicine was making me worse; then he remembered an old clipping from a newspaper he had saved for over 11 years. It was about a lady animal doctor who treats her patients with natural medicine. He called Dr. Dodd and got help for me. First she fitted me with a special "Healing Halter" to wear day and night. She says it's like an acupuncture treatment of all my organs without the needles and other healing stuff built into it. It's a lovely green color and it did make me feel so energized I began to play with Brindy again.

I even stopped vomiting and peeing so much. Then she took me off that low protein diet stuff and the medicine the other vet had given me. She told Daddy Noel to make all my food from fresh organic foods and sent some lovely-tasting sweet pills to take to get my kidneys and liver to work better. My new medicine stopped the pain in my belly and I was feeling like my old self. I really like my new food- it's yummy

Guess what? My kidneys and liver are working great again- they aren't sick anymore.

Brindy has a halter too. Dr. Dodd says it will help to keep him from getting sick, and she put him on home made food too. Brindy takes his own lovely-tasting sweet pills to help keep him strong and healthy. Daddy Noel is very happy and is looking into energy medicine for himself too.

Thank you Dr. Dodd.

Dr. Dodd's comments: This is a special favorite case of mine - Nina was gravely ill with hepatitis and an extremely high blood urea nitrogen; coupled with dehydration from the unresponsive vomiting that threatened her life. My initial response was to fit Nina with a Healing Halter on 8/6/99.

Immediately, she stopped vomiting, being polydypsic drinking copious amounts of water and polyuric (urinating volumes of water). Noel called me in disbelief. He asked me if the halter worked that fast? I know it has worked miracles but was surprised myself. Oct. 31, 1999 I began a program of homeopathic detoxification from all of her previous vaccinations, drugs, pesticides and heavy metals plus the use of homeopathic organ support using my custom Homeopathy Remedies (see product list). I had Noel stop the prescribed K/D diet and switch to all organic food preparation both for his dogs and his own health. For using non-organic food when organic was unavailable, I recommended a way to detoxify the food (see Newsletter #4, Your Pet's Diet, and Newsletter #7, How to Detoxify The Food, The Dr. Gloria Dodd's Method). He now only strengthens the EMF with my homeopathic forms of the Dog Vaccinosis Detox Nosodes and Rabies Nosode.

I keep in touch with the owner and he continues to send me darling pictures of both dogs in special outfits: sunglasses, bonnets, etc. They are in a program to help heal and cheer up elderly patients by their loving presence. It has been over a year since Nina's holistic treatment. She and Brindy continue to enjoy good health (and they still both wear their halters.)

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