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  • Dr Gloria Dodd, DVM

DETOX SUPPORT - The Order Of Things

Dr. Dodd’s Detoxification, Support and Prevention Program for Sick Animals

We have products and services to help your ill/painful animal. All Homeopathic remedies are SAFE and EFFECTIVE. To immediately access these products and services, scroll to the end of this article and order them from our electronic store. Click on the links and it will take you there. However, to be really educated about your animal's health/painful condition you must read the entire article which is educational and represents all of Dr. Dodd's veterinary medical experience.

It has been Dr. Dodd's experience that 99.9% of all organ pathologies start with toxin depositions from chemically polluted food, supplements, water, and air. Drugs, vaccinations, and exposures to environmental noxious energy fields are toxic to health also. To this end, Dr. Dodd advised all the people asking for help to put their animal through this:


The protocol for detoxification is:

  • Detox past exposures to toxins.

  • Change the diet to detoxed, freshly home prepared foods (Newsletter #4, "Your Pet's Diet"; Newsletter #7, "How to Detoxify Food, Dr. Gloria Dodd's Method"; & our product: Blue/Green Detox Papers).

  • Support the sick organ systems.

  • Neutralize any noxious energy field exposures. There are many energy therapy devices for healing, but remember the ill or painful patient cannot fully benefit at full potential if there are toxin depositions in the organ tissues and joints causing the problem. Detoxification and neutralizing exposure to environmental noxious energy fields have to come first. Holistic health support is given daily.


For proper detoxification/support and prevention program, it is necessary to understand the proper order of what you should be doing and what to expect in symptoms in your animal during detoxification.

Dr Dodd has written extensively on her website that everything exists in two forms: The Physical and the Electromagnetic Energy Field form. This is true for each individual person, animal, plant, food crops, water molecules and air. This is also true for every vitamin, mineral and all supplements sold in the stores. But more important you should realize every chemical pollutant, bacteria, virus, and fungus also shares these two forms of existence. These Electromagnetic Energy fields can be detected and evaluated in two ways: By Kirlian photography, and the actual energy field vibration measured by sophisticated electronics, ie. the EAV dermatron and oscilloscope.

So keeping this in mind, what happens when you give an animal suffering from chronic lead poisoning or Rabies vaccine toxicity, it's specific detox nosode? The homeopathic form of the lead is called a detox heavy metal nosode and the homeopathic form of the Rabies drug vaccine is called the Detox Rabies Vaccinosis nosode.

The homeopathic detox nosode has the mirror image vibrational energy of its electromagnetic form of the actual physical object. What does a mirror image produce? A STRAIGHT LINE! This allows the body to "KICK OUT" the Electromagnetic Energy and hence its physical form of that toxin from deep within the tissues where this toxin was deposited over time.

It may form developing cysts, sarcoids, tumors, discharges from the eyes, ears, nose, penis of males, vaginas of females, and through the microscopic openings in the skin. Toxins may also be caused to exit from the body via diarrhea, vomiting, and burning in the oven of “Fever”. These are all the toxins the homeopathic detox nosodes have brought to the surface. We try to eliminate or diminish these affects by persuading the body to remove these toxins via extra urine by giving the required amount of oral liquids based on body wt. (1/2 cup/5 lbs body wt/detox day.) If the body detoxes too quickly, symptoms such as having diarrhea, vomiting or fever, or even just feeling plain lousy, you can stop giving the detox nosodes for about one week, while continuing the support homeopathy and supplements, then start the detox nosode again more slowly in frequency, maybe only once daily or once every other day. You have to find the tolerant level in your animal, Each animal is different. And you MUST give the required daily amounts of liquid, measure the day’s allotment out and give by eye dropper if necessary.


The Order of Things

- According to Dr. Dodd's Protocol

Take care of all blocks to healing: Head trauma, steroids, heavy metals, vaccines, and man made radiations and Earth made radiations in the home. Then use the 30C Vaccine nosodes (products specific to the animal species) to build immunity and booster yearly. Blocks to healing are also noxious man made radiations and Earth made radiations in the home. Feed only detoxed natural diet (Newsletter #4, "Your Pet's Diet", Blue/Green Detox Papers).

  1. If your animal has ever had a blow to the head, or is unresponsive to both orthodox and natural healing modalities, you must treat the malaligned Chi- see 3 bottle set Head Trauma Homeopathy Jarquin Remedies. THIS MUST BE DONE FIRST.

  2. If your animal has ever had any steroid drugs in its life (prednisone, prednisilone, meticorten, dexamethasone, etc.), this must first be cleansed from the system in order for any homeopathic remedy (or any therapy) to be effective. The body has to have a functional immune system. Steroids depress the immune system. Detox steroids first with our Detox Steroid Nosodes 12x, 30c, 60C. Rest your animal one to two weeks before detoxing heavy metals.

  3. THIRD MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR TO HEALTH FOR ALL HOUSEHOLD MEMBERS WHICH MUST BE EXAMINED ARE the man made radiations and Earth made radiations in the home - see anti-radiations devices for details how to manage this (3-hole Resonator Bead on hot water heater, and all electronics; and Tri-pak on the main electrical panel to neutralize all electrical wiring in the walls of the home). Conduct dowsing/diverting services to detect and remove earth made geopathic stresses.

  4. Detox heavy metals next with our 3 bottle set Detox Heavy Metals Nosodes 12x, 30C, 60C, unless animal is showing signs of vaccinosis, then use specific 3 bottle set Vaccinosis Detox Nosodes first and do the heavy metal detox second after cleansing the drug vaccines.

  5. For animals under 7 years of age, if your animal has ever been given a drug vaccine, give the 3 bottle set Detox Vaccinosis Nosodes (12x, 30C, 60C) for the Dog drug multi-vaccine, Cat drug multi-vaccine, Horse drug multi-vaccine, West Nile Virus drug vaccine, and then for the Rabies virus drug vaccine. (for dogs and cats only, the horse detox vaccinosis nosode has the rabies virus in it). If your animal is weak, or very old, it is better to do one detox series at a time. Watch your pet for signs of detox stress to see if you need to slow down or do things one at a time. It is best to stop all detoxification, rest your animal for 1 week and give our Detox Reaction Support Formula 30C, 3x daily for 1 week. If your animal is 7 years and older AND YOU HAVE ADMINISTERED the 12X, 30C, 60c - see step #7

  6. If your dog/cat/horse shows neurological signs immediately after vaccination with a rabies drug vaccine (this is "vaccinosis"), use the Detox Rabies Vaccinosis Nosode. Neurological signs of paralysis, and/or convulsions in dogs and cats, use the 12x Detox Rabies Vaccinosis Nosode immediately. For animals under 7 years of age, without neurological signs but having had past Rabies vaccine, give the 3 bottle set Rabies Detox Vaccinosis 12x, 30C, 60C.

  7. For animals 7-10 years of age, and have had the basic Rabies Detox Vaccinosis Nosodes 12x, 30C and 60C THEN order the EXTENDED POTENCIES of 100C, 200C, 400C of the specific vaccines, heavy metals, steroids, pesticides/heartworm drug if applicable. The higher potencies cleanse deeper, going back in time to first exposure.

  8. To detox your pet from drugs such as Advantage, Frontline, Heartguard, Interceptor and all the pollutant pesticides in nature, etc use our 3 bottle Pesticide/Heartworm Drug Detox Nosode Formula. 12x, 30C, 60C. If animal is over 7 years of age, order the Extended Potencies 100C, 200C, 400C.

  9. If animals have been exposed to any x-rays in their life, Dr. Dodd recommends Detox X-Ray Radiation Nosodes 12x, 30C, 60C. For animals 7 years of age and older, order the Extended Potencies 100C, 200C, 400C.

  10. Protection against exposures to Nuclear Radiation, you must build a strong EMF with Detox Nuclear Radiation Nosode 30C - comes with full instructions for animals who have this toxin.

  11. After completing the detox series --Rest your animal one month then Build EMF and protect against targeted vaccine organisms by using Detox Vaccinosis Nosode 30C.

  12. For dogs and cats: rest animal one month then Build EMF and protect against the Heartworm parasite by using the Heartworm Support Formula 30C. ALL OUR PRODUCTS COME WITH DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS.

  13. Last but not least, feed your animal only bottled spring water, fresh home made diet (see Newsletter #4, "Your Pet's Diet") all detoxed first on Blue/Green Detox Papers.



Everglo-Natural Veterinary Services, Inc. has done research on heavy metal health hazards in animals. Comparing today’s levels of heavy metals detected in hair samples, food and water with those samples analyzed 20 years ago. Alarming increased levels of contamination have been found. To evaluate the role of chronic heavy metal poisoning as one of the common underlying causes of mental, emotional and physical ill health in ourselves and our animals, we are now offering the services of hair, food and water analysis by EPA certified labs. This analysis would screen for the most frequent heavy metals found in hair samples of horses, cats, dogs, pet rodents and people. Heavy metals produce illness in two ways, they are outright toxic in themselves to all organs in the body and they imbalance the nutritional minerals and electrolytes of the body that are essential for life.

More Information: The amounts, numbers and levels of chemical toxins being spewed out by chemical companies and entering our planet’s environment, that now we have learned from a new study in Washington, there are over 200 toxic chemicals that have been identified in the umbilical cord of new born infants. We are poisoning ourselves in utero, at a critical development stage of the brain, nervous system and all organs. Please see links for more information:

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