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  • Dr Gloria Dodd, DVM

WHAT IS CANCER? How does the process develop?

"Cancer Treatment in this country is largely a fraud and that the major cancer research organizations are derelict in their duties to the people who support them." - Linus Pauling PhD (Two-time Nobel Prize winner)

"Cancer Research - A Super Fraud?" by Robert Ryan, B.Sc.

"Cancer and Autoimmune Syndrome are a manifestation of the same process". It is the weakening affect to the host by head trauma, exposures to noxious electromagnetic energies in the home environment, and toxicity exposures to past vaccinations, drug therapy, food , water and air pollutants of heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, PBDE, and hydrocarbons.

Probiotics for Fighting Cancer - Read about study

On the physical level, a failed immune system "The weakened host, over time becomes prey to parasites, of which fungi and cancer are prevalent. The obvious holistic treatment is to realign the Chi in patients suffering from past head trauma, sequentially removing toxic drug and pollutant chemical radiations from the patient, neutralizing the noxious home energies, and taking measures to prevent future weakening forces and keeping the host's bio-electromagnetic energy fields strong. The orthodox medical treatment of chemo toxic drugs and radiation in both animals and people add to the damage and in themselves are carcinogenic. It makes no sense at all to use these therapies in an already cancer -ridden patient. The orthodox success rate of cancer is an abysmal .5% in this country. I have followed my advice for my own cancer and am now cancer-free (as of Jan. 2009), adding to the treatment protocol the newest research coming out of Italy, by Dr. Tullio Simoncini who says:


This is the astounding statement made and proven over 30 years by Dr.Tullio Simoncini a pediatric oncologist in Rome, Italy. In Italy it is mandated that their physicians only offer surgery, chemotherapy and radiation as treatment for cancer. Dr. Simoncini's heart was broken by the suffering of cancerous children treated in this manner, many of whom died within months of this therapy.

Dr. Simoncini knew that chemotherapy and radiation in themselves were carcinogenic, so it made no medical sense to use these therapies in cancer patients. So he decided to devote his life to finding the true cause of cancer and every case he researched had a fungal infection, the majority of which was Candida Albicans. He found the inside of all cancerous growths are white, and these are the fungal hyphae growths.

It is well known that there are carcinogenic fungal mycotoxins. What is being biopsied in medical research are the patient's reactive cells forming a barrier around the Candida. The body's cells become so overwhelmed by the infection that they do not get a chance to mature, hence the "wild looking" immature cells in cancer biopsies, which researchers mistakenly identify as the cancer itself. It is not, and Dr. Simoncini found that the fungi being very high in lipoic acid can only live in an acid environment, so Dr. Simoncini went about alkalizing the tissue environment hypothesizing the fungi would die in this unfriendly ph. And he found it to be so. He used infusions of 5% Sodium Bicarbonate in Lactated Ringers Solution into the tumor growths, and in widely disseminated tissues he cannulated the nearest artery to the cancerous tissues and infused through this cannula. Imagine - 13 cents worth of baking soda curing cancer in 90% of his patients!!!

This is astounding and of course the drug companies were up in arms! They could no longer sell their expensive (and ineffective) chemotherapy drugs and they blacklisted Dr. Simoncini... The medical community in Italy removed Dr. Simoncini's medical license, but he continues to practice with a group of naturopathic medical doctors in northern Italy. There is a movement to reinstate this wonderful, caring man's license and it is such a miscarriage of justice if it is not granted. Today, there are brave physicians in Europe and the USA who are adopting this method in their own cancer cases.

I, Dr. Dodd, have cancer and Candida Albicans. I just started my 6 day 5% Sodium Bicarbonate in Lactated Ringers infusions, then 6 day rest for 4 sessions. At this time (Aug. 14, 2008) I have had 6 infusions. I feel wonderful, and the Psoriasis that I have been plagued with for over 35 years, is GONE! (Dr. S. found all psoriasis is a skin fungal infection). Also the pain in the tissues of the cancer is also gone. I can hardly wait to finish my 24 infusions!

I am now looking differently at my animal cancer patients – testing them for Candida and adopting the 5% Sodium Bicarb in Lactated Ringers solution infusions, plus my detox nosode Candida, changing the diet to no cereal grains at all (fungi feed on cereal foods).and the use of my immune stimulating products: Aerobic 07, Shark Cartilage, Kyolic liquid, Bovine Colostrum, Kyodophilus, and Multi-Enzyme and much more.

If you wish to view an interview between Doug Kaufman and Dr. Simoncini ( and I fervently hope you do), please go to:



  2. Dr. Dodd recommends:

A.) Her Detox/Support/Prevention Program.

B.)The Head Trauma 3 bottle Jarquin remedies set to allow proper Chi flow.

C.) It is also necessary to remove all noxious environmental radiations both geopathic stresses and man-made noxious electromagnetic field radiations (EMF). See our article "NOXIOUS ENERGY FIELDS - What are they?" regarding radiation and anti-radiation.

D.) Pacific Yew Tree: the multitude of factors found in this plant exhibit significant anti-cancer, anti-bacterial anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory activities.

E.) Diet change: Since fungi (aka cancer) feeds on cereal grains and sugars, this must be eliminated in the home cooked diet for your animal: Here is a sample menu:


by Gloria Dodd, DVM

If your animal has a fungal infection, it is mandatory that you starve this parasite. Fungi live on carbohydrate cereals and sugars. So that means that your animal must not be fed any corn, wheat, rice, rye, barley or oats. If you feed a kibbled diet –STOP IMMEDIATELY as kibble is very high ratio cereal content. Please do not feed any commercial diet, but make your own home made for your pet. The diet best fed for a fungal infected animal is 80% protein (meat, fish, eggs, and dairy), and 20% chopped lightly steamed veggies: yams, carrots, squash, chard, green and yellow bell peppers, onions, and garlic. Please try to find organic when possible but always detox using my Blue/Green Detox Papers and Newsletter #7 first before feeding. This diet is mandatory in all fungi infected animals espec. If your pet has been diagnosed with the most commonly found fungus, Candida Albicans.


  • 6 oz protein (lean meat, fish, dairy, and eggs)

  • 4 oz chopped, steamed veggies: Chard, carrots, yams, squash, celery, onions, and broccoli

  • Add extra virgin olive oil once daily: 1/2 tsp for cats and miniature dogs, to 1 tsp for medium sized dogs, to 1 tablespoon for giant breeds of dogs



by Gloria Dodd, DVM

The Yew tree story: A 5300 year old mummified remains of the “Ice Man” found recently in the Alps revealed that he carried a yew wood handled copper ax, along with a 6 foot yew bow and arrows. Because the red wood of the Yew is impervious to parasites and rot, it has been used by many early cultures for making domestic tools, flooring, buckets, tables, beds, wheels, etc.

A spear point found in England is thought to be more than 50,000 years old, while another spear point of a similar age was found in Germany, wedged in the sternum of a fossilized wooly mammoth.

But there has also been medicinal uses of the bark, and needles of this very ancient, very slow growing bush. In early Germany, Yew was mixed with butter and used to treat Tuberculosis. The tea was made to treat epilepsy, In some parts of India the salve made from crushed bark and needles added to butter to treat skin cancer.

The early Pacific Coast Indians revered the Yew, both for spiritual and medicinal properties. Native Americans did not love the poor Yew to death as did early American researchers in the 1950’s, who chopped down thousands of these specimens to analyze their medicinal properties. Rather, the native Indians collect only the renewable branches and needles for making canoe paddles, bows, digging sticks and medicines. Fortunately due to the growing Environmental Movement in this country, only the last 6-8 inches of the growth of the Yew is allowed to be collected. These are renewable growth.

Yew tree populations are found primarily in Europe, Egypt, Greece, India, China, Japan, Canada and the United states. There are many, many species of Yew but only the Montana and Pacific Yew are nontoxic.

There are numerous multiple compounds of the Yew being isolated today in their natural molecular structure which is compatible with our physiology. This is why some researchers feel that natural substances do not create the often dramatic and devastating side effects seen with many plant-derived pharmaceutical drugs. Because of the number and complexity of these naturally occurring compounds (taxanes), It has been found impossible for the drug company researchers to duplicate them for drug formulation and synthesis. (Thank the Lord for that!).

Some of the healing qualities of Taxus brevifolia, (Pacific Yew):

The multitude of factors found in this plant exhibit significant anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory activities. There are numerous research studies and testimonials of its curative powers.

People are reporting they use the tea, tincture and salve made from the Pacific Yew, not just for their cancer concerns or prevention, but for a myriad of common illnesses too: including colds, flu, aches, pains, fungal and viral infections, bursitis, sciatica and more. No wonder the Native Americans call it the “Chief of the Forest”.

Use In Animal medicine: Today, it is being used in horses with viral infections, cancer, inflammation and lung problems. Treatment is by mixing 1-3 cups of loose dry tea in their daily grain rations.

In dogs, with similar problems, are treated by adding Yew tincture to their food or water----5 drops tincture for every 10 lbs. of body wt, once daily. One must not use the Yew treatment in pregnancy as it has stimulation menstrual flow properties.

I have no quarrel with the Yew properties made into a healing salve for lesions, psoriasis, fungal infections and even Herpes infections in animals.

My concerns deal with using it orally, such as a tincture, or dry tea. The taste is terribly bitter. I have circumvented this problem by making the Yew’s medicinal properties into a homeopathic formulation. It is well tolerated by animals and my own research show excellent normalizing energy value readings in my patients with cancer, (dog and cat), Candida fungus in dog, cats, horses and other organ pathologies such as Congestive Heart and Lung pathology, and Herpes Viral infection causing Rodent Ulcers in cats. My own Candida Fungus and Squamous Cell cancer energy values normalize with the Pacific Yew Homeopathic remedy and I am now including this in my totally Holistic therapy and treatments of my animal patients.

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