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  • Dr Gloria Dodd, DVM

WHY THERAPIES FAIL - Misaligned Chi Flow Due To Head Trauma And How I Realign The Chi

Animals, like people, often hit their heads accidentally in life’s experiences. The majority of these times are when toddlers are just learning how to walk; and when animals are playing vigorously with another. They may lose their balance, fall, and injure their heads. How many dogs do you know, who playfully dash around the house and hit their heads on the coffee table? In the case of horses, it can be at any age, running, and playing, not focused, and hit their heads on corral posts, or each others’ heads. It can be in times of stress - loading a horse in a trailer, the frightened horse rears up and accidentally hits his head on top of the trailer. In darker terms, some of this head trauma in animals and children are due to being hit by scurrilous adults.

The damage is the same, no matter the incident. It produces a misaligned Negative Chi Flow. This weakened Life Force energy flows through and out of every cell of every organ in the physical body. Over time this weakened bio-electromagnetic energy produces physical weakness in function and structure to all cells and organs. Over time, all the physical organs of digestion, respiration, endocrine function, emotional, cardiovascular and immune systems fail. Individuals become weaker and weaker and finally succumb to heart, liver, kidney, and or lung failure, depression and cancerous growths.

These are the chronic unresponsive patients to orthodox allopathic medicine. Orthodox professionals are unaware of this problem in this country and their choice of treatment involves giving drugs, and more drugs, stronger and more damaging to the patient, and or surgery, and eventually in animals, euthanasia. This doesn’t have to be!

Many years ago, I studied in South America and learned of Dr. Jarquin’s 3 bottle homeopathic remedies to realign the Chi to proper positive flow. The first bottle of homeopathy is at a very high potency = DCM, it works at the head. The second bottle of homeopathy at 200x works at the heart chakra (or thoracic area of the body), the third bottle of homeopathy works on the abdominal area and extremities of the body. Only after the organs are in positive energy flow, can one determine if the patient requires sequential detoxification, and what specific Detox Nosodes and Organ Support Homeopathy are needed, to arrive at the goal of full potential of true health and function, both in the EMF and the Physical Body.

Dr. Jarquin was a medical doctor, trained in Germany, and treated human patients. I found in my 30 years research that animals suffer the same head trauma with resultant consequences, and that his specific 3 bottle homeopathic remedies produce the same positive healing affects in animals as well as people.

Dr. Gloria Dodd's unique formulas are found nowhere else. Obtained in her studies in South America from Dr. Jarquin, MD for use in people's Head Trauma Chi Misalignment Syndrome. 31 years of Dr. Dodd's clinical application of this 3 bottle set of Head Trauma Support Formula to animals proves it works in animals too!

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