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  • Dr Gloria Dodd, DVM


Despite the best health care that this country has available, many animals and people still suffer from chronic degenerative diseases. There are many reasons for this; i.e., misdiagnosis, failure of the patient to follow through with therapy, adverse affects of combining different drug therapies prescribed by more than one doctor (iatrogenics), the deleterious affects of persistent chemical exposures of environmental pollutants and pesticides, poor nutrition, genetic weaknesses and persistent stress.

However, there is one more factor that has just come to light in the United States and this is the noxious energy radiation fields from the earth. I go into detail about this subject in my Newsletter # 8 "Why Therapies Fail, The Geopathic and Man Made Noxious Energies Connection". What are geopathic noxious energies? These are noxious earth rays that come where underground water veins cross; locations of earthquake fracture faults, underground voids (caverns or hollows) in the rock structure and certain deposits of coal, oil and minerals.

These are natural disturbances in energy flows, but there are noxious energies that are man-made too. These are microwave, television, electrical transformers, high- energy electrical power lines, and all electrical units; fluorescent lights (which are insidiously weakening to the health), computers, printers, copiers, cellular telephones, your electrical typewriter and radio. Additional noxious energy fields by man are the increasing numbers of satellites launched overhead by both the military and commerce. See the Article, "Effect of Noxious Energy Fields On Plants" and the photos of the Oak Tree affected.

There is an increased gridding of this planet by telecommunications on land, in the air and within the oceans. Especially damaging are the ELF rays, (extremely low frequency bands) broadcasted by the military and foreign countries. There is an unimaginable huge installation of such transmitters built by our military in Alaska. It is called the HAARP Project. This is said to improve telecommunications with our submarines and to detect and explode incoming nuclear war missiles, but it has a darkside: it disarms the enemy by centering on the nervous system to the point of delirium and death. In my Newsletter # 8 "Why Therapies Fail, The Geopathic and Man Made Noxious Energies Connection", I relate the true story of the physical, emotional and mental suffering of a friend of mine, his family and his animals (a German Shepherd, several milk goats and chickens).

They lived within the beam of an ELF ray emanating from a newly installed military facility on the ridge of mountains near his home. It was out of the self preservation for his family and animals that he developed a line of anti-radiation devices that I began using and now have available for sale. We live in a world of jangled energy wave impulses impacting on our own body 's natural electromagnetic field. In acupuncture medicine it has been proven that an imbalance in this energy field of the body will in time, manifest in physical organic disease.

The natural noxious ray affects on animal and human health is well documented and studied in Europe, with Germany and England being the leaders in the field. In 1975 I went to Germany and South America to study holistic healing methods from the leading naturopathic medical doctors. It was there that I learned of geopathic energies and the role they played in illnesses.

I brought this information back to my veterinary practice and with the use of dowsing techniques I began discovering noxious ray energies in my pet owners' homes, which were affecting not only my animal patients but the human household members as well. My sad experience with these noxious energy fields involved my own three dogs; a male German Shepherd, "Bruder"; a male Irish Wolf Hound, "Duffie", and a spayed female Walker Hound, "Miggs". The relationship of the health hazards from such energy fields, with the pain and pathologies developed in my animals is also discussed in News letter #8. It was a very painful lesson but spurred me on to investigate if other animals' sicknesses were related to exposure to such energy fields.

"What are physical signs of geopathic noxious energy rays? Overgrowth of mold in the home, increased presence of ants, wasps, hornets and spiders . Landscape plants grow poorly or not at all in certain areas around the home, chronic cracking of cement foundations, floors and/or walkways when in the path of two intersecting underground streams or earthquake fractures. I found signs of these energy rays affecting the health of people and their pets in homes over a geopathic ray. I learned that people slept poorly if their beds were centered over these areas: many in constant fatigue and poor health, ranging from headaches and joint pain to congestive heart and kidney failure, severe arthritis, allergies, tuberculosis, digestive and endocrine disorders, chronic bacterial and viral infections and cancer."

The same scenario applied to animals. Domestic livestock grew slowly, were prone to diseases and infertility, the chickens laid few eggs, the dairy cows produced little milk and there was an increase in offspring mortality. This is well documented in foreign literature. There were a variety of chronic problems seen; fatigue arthritis, congestive heart problems, immune deficiency disorders, headaches, irritability and cancer. Many times these same symptoms were shared in both animal and human residents. When the noxious rays were diverted all but the cancer disappeared.

I am so concerned about the devastating health problems related to these noxious energies that I am now applying an anti-radiation protective device to my Healing Halter™. This will give the animal wearing this halter, the maximum protection from all noxious energies, no matter where that animal (horse, dog, cat) is: at home, traveling in a car/trailer, at other locations with his /her owner or boarding somewhere.

I am very excited about this new halter, to me this is the ultimate in the ability to balance the wearer's EMF, charge the energy of the organs and immune system and protect from most noxious energy exposure.

I have named this product the Healing Halter™. This becomes increasingly more important when horses are kept in electrical corrals and pastures, and dogs within underground electric perimeters controlled by electrical monitored collars.

These produce horribly pathogenic energies to anyone in these enclosures. We have anti-radiation devices to help protect you from these noxious energy fields and the services of a master dowser to detect and clear your home environment of geopathic destructive energy fields. For more information, please contact us to discuss your specific needs so we can customize a health package for you.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, refer to Dr. Mercola's new article: Why You Should NEVER SLEEP Where your Cat Sleeps.

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