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  • Dr Gloria Dodd, DVM

KIRLIAN PHOTOS of Actual Clinical Cases

These are Kirlian photographs of the energy field of acupuncture meridians on the toes (footprints) of dogs and cats; normal healthy animals as compared to the various sick animals before and after wearing the HEALING HALTER™.

Please note the breaks in the aura and the low amplitude of energy of the sick animals' footprints before wearing the halter, and how the halter increased the amplitude (The width or thickness of the electromagnetic field (EMF) halo) and filled in the breaks of the auric fields in the Kirlian photos.

This proves the energizing affect of the halter on the body's electromagnetic field (EMF), normalizing the energy flow, which has been found to stimulate the body's healing mechanisms.

Healthy Cat Footprint Aura

Feline Leukemia cat-control (left), and AFTER wearing HEALING HALTER™ for 10 minutes (right)

Canine Distemper dog-control (left), and AFTER wearing HEALING HALTER™ for 15 minutes (right)

Chronic Dermatitis (skin problems) in dog-control (left), and AFTER wearing HEALING HALTER™ for 7 minutes (right)


The EMF (electromagnetic field) can be photographed by a special technique called Kirlian Photography. Film is exposed to an electrical current in the absence of light. What is caught on film is the aura of EMF of the object. By studying the aura outline of all the digits of the hands (forefeet in animals) and feet (hind feet) one can detect imbalances or blocks in the chi flowing along these outlines. Each digit has two specific organ meridians: one on the lateral surface and one on the medial surface of the digit; for example the index finger (digit) has the colon meridian flowing along the lateral surface and the nervous system on the medial surface of the digit. Each of the digit meridians has a right side and left side of the body indication. So, by studying the Kirlian photographs, one can diagnose the health of the body’s organ systems. If there are no “holes” or breaks in the photographed aura, one can deduce that there are no imbalances or blockages in the EMF of that organ system. Also one can deduce the strength of the organ by the amplitude (thickness) of the outlined EMF of that organ meridian. If the amplitude is widely demarcated, the organ’s energy is strong. If the amplitude is thin and wispy, the organ’s energy is weak. Also, if there are “holes” or breaks in the EMF of that organ, the energy to that organ is blocked or in imbalance.

For more information, refer to our Newsletter #5 "The Bio-Electric Force (CHI) and It's Basis for Healing".

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