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  • Dr Gloria Dodd, DVM

Different Methods, Different Energies

It was recently brought to our attention by one of our customers that it is NOT neccesarily a good idea to combine different healing methods when treating your sick pet.

This customer bought our Healing Halter and put it on their pet along with a "bioflow" collar. Within a few minutes, he started having a seizure, which scared the daylights out of the customer, so they took the halter off and contacted us.

The bioflow collar had been on this pet for about 8 weeks and was helping, but it wasn't enough to heal the animal, so the customer decided to add the Healing Halter. After doing some research, this is what we believe was happening:

Both of these healing methods work, but the dynamics of the two processes are conflicting. The piezo-electric energy force field from the quartz crystal mandalas surrounding Dexter (the pet) when wearing the Halter caused an interference with the healing properties of the bioflow collar. The bioflow has magnets that create a magnetic electrical field of energy that also surround the animal. The two fields are interfering with each other

We suggested the customer alternate treatment using the two healing products. Maybe Dexter can wear the Healing Halter during the day and sleep with the collar on at night. Or, interchange them every few hours or so.

We're hoping to hear back from this customer in a few weeks to see how Dexter's progress is going. And for the rest of our customers - please do not hesitate to contact us with ANY questions or concerns regarding our products. If we don't have an answer right away, we will do our best to help figure out a solution and/or remedy.

Oct 18, 2018 - WE HEARD BACK FROM OUR CUSTOMER! I just thought I’d drop you a message and let you know how Dexter is getting on! I started using the Healing Halter when we got back and built it up to make sure he’d be ok with it! He now where’s it full time and although he’s not 100% his quality of life has dramatically improved! We’re very happy! I’ll be looking to order another harness for my parents 10 year old boxer in the next couple of weeks! Thanks for everything!

We love to hear good news like this! Thanks to all our customers. sending us testimonials.

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