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In the event of Dr. Gloria Dodd’s passing (5/2/13 R.I.P.).   Dr Dodd's kits mentioned in her book are no unavailable. The book mentions many emergency situations, treatments, and helpful charts that are very helpful to have access to in the event of an emergency.


The book also mentions various homeopathic remedies that one can purchase and collect to make their own kit, while using the book for dosing instructions and emergency techniques. These vial remedies can be purchased at Hahnemann Laboratories- or phone Toll Free: (888)427-6422.




  • Page 28- Clorox soaks considered toxic unless you can find a brand that does not have the new added ingredient sodium hydroxide. It is suggested that Apple Cider Vinegar be used to soak animal; 1 pint. to 1bathtub full of very warm water. After water is cooled, do not rinse off ACV (so the residual effect continues working). Then, towel/blow dry animal.


  • Page 45- Our apologies to our rabbit owners. Rabbits are not rodents, they are Lagomorphs (they have 2 set of incisors not one)


  • Page 48- Our new website:


Thank you for your order and attention!



Marlana Dodd, SNHS, Certified Homeopath, President of Everglo Natural Veterinarian Services, Inc

Animal Emergency First Aid Kit Book


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