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A homeopathic veterinary supplement: Helps to symptomatically relieve asthmatic attacks.


Aconitum Napellus, HPUS, Lachesis Mutus, HPUS, Cuprum Metallicum, HPUS, Chlorinum, HPUS, Ceanothus Americanus, HPUS, Imperatoria Ostruthium, HPUS, Lung Sarcode, Bronchi Sarcode, Bronchioles Sarcode, Spleen Sarcode, Pancreas Sarcode, Lung Alveoli Sarcode, Lung Alveolar Duct Sarcode, Lung Mediastinum Sarcode, Lymph Sarcode

Bronchial Asthma Support Formula - 100C

    • Dosing schedule:
      • Acute: 4 tabs every two hours.
      • Maintenance: 4 tabs 4 times a day.


    • 250 tabs/bottle
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