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A homeopathic veterinary supplement: To help clear the lens for horses with Moon Blindness and cats and dogs with Blue Eye.



Silicea, HPUS, Apis Mellifica, HPUS, Lens Scarcode, Cornea Sarcode, Macula Sarcode, Retina Sarcode, Canals of Schlemn Sarcode, Optic Nerve Sarcode, Lymph Sarcode

Cataracts and Vision Support Formula - 3 Bottle Set 200C,1M,10M

    • NOTE: Since allergic reactions are suspected in these conditions I suggest using Dr. Dodd’s Detox/Support/Prevention Program and Male or Female Organ Support/Endocrine Balance/Immune Support Formula 100C.

    • If diagnosis of Diabetes Mellitus with secondary cataract/blindness diagnosis has been made in your pet, also consider Diabetes Mellitus Formula. Opacities in the cornea is related to the Liver, and opacities in the lens is related to the Stomach energies; Diabetes Mellitus is related to toxicities and energy imbalances in Liver, Spleen, Pancreas, digestive organ system and adrenal glands.

    • Dosing schedule: Bottle #1-4 tabs one time daily for a week. Then follow with bottle #2 – 4 tabs one time daily for a week. Then bottle #3 – 4 tabs one time daily for a week.


    • 250 tabs/bottle

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