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Small children may not understand what it means to die, or why it must happen. In her bilingual book, Sweet Dreams, Bogie: I Will Be Ready, Marlana Leonard (Dr. Gloria Dodd's Daughter) comforts readers young and old through the life cycle of a beloved pet. The puppy and young owner start out life together going through many adventures both good and bad, while being ready for what life offers them. As the years pass, the illustrations by Eloisa Larios, show how they both grow older, and eventually the owner gathers courage to be ready to let her beloved companion die and move on to another place. Join in for that special connection, and eventual death of Bogie, her beloved Boston Terrier. The owner knows her beloved pet will always be in her heart and memories. And some day… they will meet again and when that time comes…the owner will be ready!

Sweet Dreams Bogie... I Will Be Ready


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