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A homeopathic veterinary supplement: For relief of symptoms and elimination of the skin pest mite.



Demodex Canis Nosode, Aesculus Hippocastanum, HPUS, Belladonna, HPUS, Calcarea Fluorica, HPUS, Calcarea Phosphorica, HPUS, Calcarea Sulphurica, HPUS, Carbo Vegitabilis, HPUS, Carduus Marianus, HPUS, Ceonothus Americanus, HPUS, Hamamelis Virginica, HPUS, Hydrastis Canadensis, HPUS, Imperatoria Ostruthium, HPUS, Iris Versicolor, HPUS, Kali Phosphoricum, HPUS, Kali Muriaticum, HPUS, Magnesia Phosphorica, HPUS, Mezereum, HPUS, Nasturtium Aquaticum, HPUS, Natrum Muriaticum, HPUS, Natrum Phosphoricum, HPUS, Natrum Sulphuricum, HPUS, Rhamnus Cathartica, HPUS, Raphanus Sativus, HPUS, Secale Cornutum, HPUS, Senna, HPUS, Silicea, HPUS, Vipera Berus, HPUS, Liver Sarcode, Spleen Sarcode, Pancreas Sarcode, Gall Bladder Sarcode, Thyroid Gland Sarcode, Adrenal Gland Sarcode, Pituitary Gland Sarcode, Lymph Sarcode, Lymph Nodes Sarcode, Thymus Gland Sarcode, T-Lymphs Sarcode, Heart Sarcode, Lung Sarcode, Kidney Sarcode, Urinary Bladder Sarcode, Small Intestine Sarcode, Colon Sarcode, Stomach Sarcode, Cecum Sarcode, Rectum Sarcode, Anus Sarcode, Skin Sarcode, Vein Sarcode, Artery Sarcode, Bone Sarcode, Testosterone Sarcode, Testicle Sarcode, Penis Sarcode & Prostate Sarcode. Potencies: 6X, 8X, 10X,12X, 15X, 30C, 60C.

Demodex Nosode Support Formula for Males 7 Bottle Set: 6X-60C

    • Dosing Schedule: 4 tabs 1-3 times a day for 21 doses. Repeat same dosing for each sequential bottle as indicated in directions.


    • 250 tabs/bottle (one set can dose 3 animals)

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