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A homeopathic veterinary supplement: For relief of toxin release symptoms from detox nosode treatment. Signs: Fever, diarrhea, pain, vomiting, swollen red tissues, increased discharge from eyes, nose, ears, feet ,vagina, penis, & skin.



Nux Vomica HPUS , Arnica Montana HPUS, Hypericum Perforatum HPUS, Belladonna HPUS, Aconitum Napellum HPUS, Arsenicum Album HPUS, Mercurious Solubilis HPUS, Sarcodes: Skin, Lymph, Eye, Colon, and Small Intestine

Detox Nosode Reaction Support Formula- 30C

  • 250 tabs/bottle


    Dosing Schedule: 1 dose is 4 tabs.  Give 1 dose every 10 minutes for the first hour, then hourly for the first wakeful day. Then 6 times a day as needed.