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A homeopathic veterinary supplement: For relief of spasms of the urethra and to balance energy in Urinary Bladder, Kidney and Liver.



Thlapsi Bursa, HPUS, Calcarea Carbonica, HPUS, Hydrastis Canandensis, HPUS, Cantharis, HPUS, Ferrum Phosphoricum, HPUS, Belladonna, HPUS, Aceticum Acidum, HPUS, Oxalicum Acidum, HPUS, Phosphoricum Acidum, HPUS, Citricum Acidum, HPUS, Benzoicum Acidum, HPUS, Urinary Bladder Sarcode, Kidney Sarcode, Liver Sarcode. Potencies: 60C

Urethral Spasm Support Formula – 60C


    • Dosing Schedule:

      • ACUTE: 4 tabs every 2 hours

      • MAINTENANCE: 4 tabs 4 times a day as needed


    • 250 tabs/bottle


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