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A homeopathic veterinary supplement: To realign a negative energy CHI from head trauma in the past, to a strong positive energy flow to all the organs in the body.



200X: Crotalus Horridus HPUS, Aletris Farinosa HPUS, Hydrastis Canandensis HPUS, Chinum Arsenicosum HPUS, Senega Officinalis HPUS
3 bottle Homeopathy set: Head Trauma Support Formula Jarquin Remedies Bottle #1 Phosphorous CM potency, Bottle #2 Digitalis 200X , Bottle #3 Combo.

Head Trauma Support – 3 Bottle Set 200X, CM, 200X

    • Dr. Gloria Dodd's unique formula is found nowhere else. Obtained in her studies in South America from Dr. Jarquin (MD). For use in people's Head Trauma Chi Misalignment Syndrome. 31 years of Dr. Dodd's clinical application of this 3 bottle set of Head Trauma Support Formula to animals proves it works in animals too.

    • Dosing schedule per bottle: Give 4 tabs, wait 15 minutes, and then go to Jarquin Remedy Bottle #2. Repeat dosing instructions through Jarquin Remedy Bottle #3. Repeat this 3 bottle series 3 times daily for two weeks.


    • 250 tabs/bottle (one 3 bottle set can dose 7 animals)

    SEE TESTIMONIALS  for client feedback on our products!

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