SIZE: Small #2 (B=Girth= 20")


MEASUREMENTS:  A=18"    B=20"    C=4.5"    D=10.5"


BE SURE TO READ THE 'HOW-TO' INSTRUCTIONS ON THE MEASUREMENT FORM FOR MEASURING THE RIGHT SIZE HALTER FOR YOUR PET. (If you find your pet's measurements are between available sizes, order the next size up and adjust it to your pet.)




A revolutionary new concept in prevention of disease and treatment of illnesses using a product developed by Dr. Gloria Dodd, a Holistic veterinarian since 1974. The Healing Halter™ balances the body's own electromagnetic field (EMF) that leads to stimulation of the healing mechanisms of the body. A new improved version of the halter now prevents any wearing out of the essential healing principles built into product.


For detailed information, read this article:  Healing Halter for the Health of Your Pet


SHIPPING NOTE:  Halters will take approximately 2 weeks to deliver in the US (continguous states) as they are individually made by our seamstress and sent from her office by Domestic Priority.

Healing Halter for the Health of Your Pet - SML 20"


    HEALING HALTER™  A revolutionary product employing six healing energy principles built into a halter worn by your animal companion, horse, dog and/or cat to help increase the healing of all organ and tissue systems with the additional feature of an anti-radiation device built into the halter. The Healing Halter™ helps to heal and helps to prevent damage to organs and immune system from electromagnetic radiation from earth and man-made noxious energy fields in the house, yard, car, boarding kennel and stable, everywhere your animal is exposed.


    There are 6 healing energy principles incorporated in the Healing Halter™:

    1. Color Therapy
    2. Quartz Crystal Mandalas
    3. Pyramid Configuration Energy
    4. Heart Chakra Energy
    5. The Light Invocation
    6. Anti-radiation bead


    Please refer to our list of references for further information. Dr. Dodd found the Kirlian Photographs of symptom-free animals wearing the Healing Halter™, show an amplification of the EMF aura, thus helping to strengthen the physical organs and and help prevent disease and illnesses. Please refer to our article on Kirlian photos of actual clinical cases, and our section called "TESTIMONIALS " for client feedback on our products.


    WARNING:  If your pet is wearing a Bioflow collar please do not use at the same time as the Healing Halter. Please refer to our section called Animal News under section "Research Articles" for more information.

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