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A homeopathic veterinary supplement: To be used in Heartworm negative dogs and cats to build a strong EMF to keep the animal healthy.



Antimonium Crudum, HPUS, Manganum Aceticum, HPUS, Ornithogallum Umbellatum, HPUS, Kali Carbonicum, HPUS, Mezereum, HPUS, Hydrastis Canadensis, HPUS, Adult Dirofilaria Immitis (Heartworm) Nosode, Microfilaria Dirofilaria Immitis (Heartworm) Nosode, Lymph Sarcode, Arteries Sarcode, Veins Sarcode 30C

Heartworm Nosode Support Formula - 30C

    • NOTE: It is suggested to also support the patient concurrently with Dr. Dodd's Female or Male Total Organ Support/Endocrine Balance/Immune Stimulant Formula 100C.

    • Dosing Schedule: Give 4 tabs 2 x daily for 3 days, then one times a week for 1 month, then rest one month, then dose 1 x a month for 6 months. (64 tabs - one bottle will dose 4 animals).

    • Renew yearly: 4 tabs one time a week for 4 weeks. (16 tabs - one bottle will dose 14 animals).


    • 250 tabs/bottle

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