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A homeopathic veterinary supplement: For relief of discomfort and weakness in the hindquarters, and to increase mobility.



Aesculus Hippocastanum, HPUS, Arnica Montana, HPUS, Belladonna, HPUS, Bellis Perennis, HPUS, Berberis Vulgaris, HPUS, Calcarea Flourica, HPUS, Carduus Marianus, HPUS, Eupatorium Perfoliatum, HPUS, Hamamelis Virginiana, HPUS, Hekla Lava, HPUS, Hypericum Perforatum, HPUS, Kali Carbonicum, HPUS, Rhus Toxicodendron, HPUS, Secale Cornutm, HPUS, Silicea, HPUS, Vipera Berus, HPUS, Glucosamine Sulfate Isode, Metacarpal Joint Sarcode, Carpal Joint Sarcode, Elbow Joint Sarcode, Shoulder Joint Sarcode, Metatarsal Joint Sarcode, Tarsal Joint Sarcode, Knee Joint Sarcode, Hip Joint Sarcode, Sacroiliac Joints Sarcode, Cervical Nerve Sarcode, Thoracic Nerve Sarcode, Lumbar Nerve Sarcode, Sacral Nerve Sarcode, Radial Nerve Sarcode, Body Nerves Sarcode, Intervertebral Disc Sarcode, Bone Sarcode, Vertebrae Sarcode, Tendon Sarcode, Ligament Sarcode, Lymph Sarcode, Liver Sarcode, Gall Bladder Sarcode. Potencies: 100C

Hip Joint Support Formula - 100C

    • Dosing schedule:

      • ACUTE: 4 tabs every 2 hours

      • MAINTENANCE: 4 tabs 4 times a day as needed


    • 250 tabs/bottle


    • Included with this product:  Two Acupressure Charts for Dogs, specifically for older dogs with hip dysplasia.

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