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A homeopathic veterinary supplement: For acute or chronic knee joint lameness, ligament damage and joint injury.



Hydrastis Canandensis, HPUS; Calcarea Phosphorica, HPUS; Aesculus Hippocastanum, HPUS; Belladonna, HPUS; Calcarea Fluorica, HPUS; Carduus Marianus, HPUS; Hamamelis Virginica, HPUS; Secale Cornutm, HPUS, Liver Sarcode, Spleen Sarcode, Pancreas Sarcode, Stomach Sarcode, Knee Joint Sarcode, Anterior Cruciate Ligament Sarcode, Posterior Cruciate Ligament Sarcode, Lymph Sarcode, Meperidine Isode Potencies: 100C

Knee Joint Injury Support Formula - 100C

    • Dosing schedule:

      • ACUTE: 4 tabs hourly

      • MAINTENANCE: 4 tabs 3-4 times a day as needed


    • 250 tabs/bottle

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