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Promotes increased tissue oxygenation to kill bacteria.  Improvements in congestive heart and lung conditions.  Parasites and infective organisms cannot live in a high oxygen environment.  Bactericidal, viricidal, and fungicidal, prevents tumor/cancer cells from growing.  Known to reduce epileptic seizures.  Literature cites improvements in many Alzheimer patients.


(Note: Needs dilution - NEVER give concentrated form) Dilute with 4 oz [1/2 cup] water.


 Birds:1 drop diluted in 1/2 cup of water

Toy dogs/cats: 5 drops diluted in 1/2 cup water

Medium-sized dogs (up to 30#): 10 drops diluted in 1/2 cup water

Large dogs (31-50#): 15 drops diluted in 1/2 cup water

Giant breed dogs and horses: 30 drops diluted in 1/2 cup water

Acute illness: Give 3-6x daily

Chronic or maintenance dose for prevention of illness give 1-2 times daily

Liquid Oxygen - 4fl oz


    1. Give your animal 2 drops of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy 10 minutes before the procedure, to allay fears and to relax patient. (Take some yourself!)


    2. Purchase a pestle and mortar: Place hard tablets, open capsules and empty contents into mortar and grind to powder.  Place powder mixture in cup, snip ends off any Vit E capsules and squeeze into mixture, add detoxed bottled spring water just enough to liquefy to be able to draw up into a 10 ml dosing syringe or oversized children’s eye dropper from drug store.


    3. Small dogs and cats can be placed on a towel on a counter or table. Larger dogs can be backed into a corner of the room, or have a second person help hold. Gently and slowly dose the patient orally by drawing out the lower lip, to make a funnel, tip head up, and slowly discharge about 1 ml at a time of the liquid into the mouth, so animal can easily swallow a small amount at a time until all liquid is given. Do not force liquids and cause aspiration down lungs. Reward your animal with praise and/or small treat. Horses can be cross-tied and dosed by mouth, or supplements added to small amounts of detoxed grain.

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