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A homeopathic veterinary supplement: For deeper cleansing of the body of all noxious pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insect and Heartworm products, including pollutants in food, water and supplements in animals over 7 yrs. of age.



Antimonium Crudum, HPUS, Manganum Aceticum, HPUS, Ornithogalum Umbellatum, HPUS, Kali Carbonicum, HPUS, Mezereum, HPUS, Hydrastis Canadensis, HPUS, Chlorinum, HPUS, Hamamelis Virginiana, HPUS, Crotalus Horridus, HPUS, Petroleum, HPUS, Benzene Nosode, Imidacloprid (Advantage) Isode, Fipronil (Frontline) Isode, S-methoprene (Frontline) Isode, (Ivermectin (Heartguard) Isode, Pyrantel (Heartguard) Isode, 2,4-D (herbicide) Isode, 245P (herbicide) Isode, Milbemycine oxime (Interceptor) Isode, Permethrin (Bio-spot) Isode, Pyriproxyfen (Bio-spot) Isode, Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) Isode, Lymph Sarcode, Veins Sarcode, Arteries Sarcode 100C/200C/400C

Pesticide/Heartworm Drug Extended Detox Nosodes - 3 Bottle Set- 100C, 200C, 400C