Cadillac of all antioxidants in one formulation and reasonably priced! It is especially important in cats to provide additional Vit. A (non-Beta Carotene) because they will not utilize the Beta Carotene form of Vit. A in Radical Raiders. (see Vitamin A product).


Dosage: All species 3 caps daily as directed by veterinarian.


3 tabs provide: Vit A ( Beta Carotene ) 25,000 IU, Vit E ( D-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate- the best form of highest anti-oxidant properties in prevention and treatment of cancer), Zinc picolinate 50 mg, Selenium 50 mcg, Pycnogenol 3000 mcg, CoQ10 Enzyme 3000 mcg, Citrus Bioflavonoid Cx 50 mg, Quercetin 30 mg, L-Glutathione ( also being used to prevent treat neuromuscular diseases and cancer) 1000 mcg, N-Acetyl Cysteine 100 mg, Green Tea Extract 3000 mcg, Bilberry Extract 30 mg.

Radical Raiders - 90 tabs


    1. Give your animal 2 drops of Bach Flower Rescue Remedy 10 minutes before the procedure, to allay fears and to relax patient. (Take some yourself!)


    2. Purchase a pestle and mortar: Place hard tablets, open capsules and empty contents into mortar and grind to powder.  Place powder mixture in cup, snip ends off any Vit E capsules and squeeze into mixture, add detoxed bottled spring water just enough to liquefy to be able to draw up into a 10 ml dosing syringe or oversized children’s eye dropper from drug store.


    3. Small dogs and cats can be placed on a towel on a counter or table. Larger dogs can be backed into a corner of the room, or have a second person help hold. Gently and slowly dose the patient orally by drawing out the lower lip, to make a funnel, tip head up, and slowly discharge about 1 ml at a time of the liquid into the mouth, so animal can easily swallow a small amount at a time until all liquid is given. Do not force liquids and cause aspiration down lungs. Reward your animal with praise and/or small treat. Horses can be cross-tied and dosed by mouth, or supplements added to small amounts of detoxed grain.

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