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A homeopathic veterinary supplement: For cleansing all organ systems of noxious toxic x-ray radiation. Requires use of Male or Female Total Organ, /Endocrine Balance/Immune 100C.




X-Ray Radiation Nosode , Lymph Sarcode, Brain Sarcode, Nervous System Sarcode, Pituitary Sarcode, Circulation Sarcode.

X-Ray Radiation Detox Nosode Formula 3 Bottle Set - 12X, 30C, 60C

    • Dosing schedule:

      • 4 tabs 1-3 times daily for 21 doses. Find pet’s TOLERANT dose level.

      • Use oral liquids to flush toxins released: 1/2 c. water/broth per 5lbs body wt per detox day.

      • Then go to X-Ray Detox Nosode 30C bottle, and then 60C bottle. (Same schedule as above for each bottle).


    • 250 tabs/bottle (one bottle set can dose 3 animals)

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